Book Review: Stories and Places I Remember


Rating: 5 Stars

Stories and Places I Remember is available on AMAZON

Previously known for his thriller novels and short stories, author Joe Giordano now treats us to a terrific anthology. Stories and Places I Remember by Joe Giordano offers 25 short stories, each with its own twist. The stories start in Brooklyn but take the reader throughout the globe and into the viewpoints of many different characters.  

Each story is unique yet personal. Though the stories are fictional, they read as a memoir. Giordano writes with a strong voice and style that rope the reader into each setting and story. Each story stands on its own, making this a great bedtime read. 

Some stories make you laugh; others pull at your heartstrings. You are kept on your toes and don’t know what to expect. Giordano has great range as a writer, something that is a rarity in today’s literary word. If you’re a fan of short stories and are looking for a good, single-author anthology to read, Stories and Places I Remember is what you’re looking for! 

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