Volume 3, Issue 2: Cover art & Line-Up


Friends and Fellow Thriller Enthusiasts, 

We are excited to unveil the cover art & official line-up of authors and poets for our December issue!

Stephen J. Golds
Chris Fortunato
Michael Mallory
Fred Andersen
David Rachels
Zakariah Johnson
John H. Dromey
Joe Giordano
Eddie Fogler
Richard Risemberg
Nikkia Rivera

John Grey
Holly Day
Brent Spencer

The amazing artwork was created by our friend, Denny Marshall. You can check out more of his artwork HERE. We are thrilled (no pun intended) to showcase each and every one of these works, and we are grateful for the many authors who submitted their pieces for consideration. While we wait for the release of this issue, we encourage you to check out our PREVIOUS ISSUE.

Thank you! 

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