Best Stephen King Books of All Time


Stephen King is known for his masterful fusion of horror genre tropes with non-horror themes. Such was the case for It, a refreshing work of sentimental horror that witnesses friendship triumph over monstrosity. It’s this playfulness with the horror genre that makes readers look forward to every King book. It has also inspired other thriller writers like Amy Grech who has been reading King ever since getting a copy of Cujo from her aunt.

The prolific horror writer has already published more than 70 works, and if you don’t know where to start, this list rounds up some of the best Stephen King books of all time.

Review of: “THE ART OF REVENGE” by Joe Giordano


Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

The Art of Revenge is available on AMAZON

In the third and newest installment of the Anthony Provati Series, author Joe Giordano continues to shake up his series with new characters and adventures. This novel introduces us to a new character: Valentina Esposito, a brilliant computer programmer. Fate crosses her path with Anthony’s and they’re soon forced to work together. 

As with the previous two novels of the series, this story has a “global” feel to it as Anthony and Valentian work together to foil a terrorist plot. What really makes these fun to read are the different settings. The reader is taken everywhere from Russia to North Korea and more. Joe also does a great job in writing his dialogue and creating his characters. 

Though the changing POV is a bit difficult to follow in the beginning, it does not dampen the story and does help to improve it by the end. All in all, if you’re a fan of the first two novels–or if you’re a fan of action/thrillers with a bit of mystery–you may want to pick up a copy of this novel. 

*Note: This review was written by Ammar Habib, editor-in-chief of Thriller Magazine

Fiction: “Take it to the Bank” by Curtis Ippolito


Take it to the Bank

by Curtis Ippolito

Susie skidded to a stop for a fourth time, her rubber-soled flats smudging black streaks on the grocery store’s waxed linoleum floor. She darted left, caught a glimpse of him shuffling past the opposite end of the ice cream aisle. Her mouthed flopped open to suck more air. A bead of sweat trickled down her temple. The chirping of items being rung up from the wall of checkout registers behind her bleated out as it did all day, every day. Her flaring nostrils snorted stale air conditioning and lemon-scented floor cleaner. When she made it to the coffee aisle, the man doubled back, so she jerked to a stop, mirrored him.

A Street Scene by Chris Despas


On leaving my residence for the day ahead, in crossing the street, in the middle of the intersection I walk through a lingering cloud of gunpowder.  Police officers on foot, in pairs, are stationed at crossings in the vicinity of it on otherwise empty streets.  Gunpowder in the air makes it seem like the officers were here when a shooting took place.  Has a civilian been shot in armed robbery?  Unlikely here, where there happens to be a bright streetlight.  Besides, there’s no sign of trauma.  It’s peaceful, though it wasn’t when police perhaps exchanged gunfire during a car chase some twenty minutes ago.   

Volume 4, Issue 1 Now Available


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We are excited to announce our newest issue is now available in print and on Kindle! This issue features short stories that will leave readers on the edge of their seat. Showcasing a wide range of tales, everything from physiological thrillers, to brutal tales of murder, to political thrillers, and much more, this issue has everything that fans of the genre love!

Authors/Poets included are: 
Brian Beatty, Chris Fortunato, Edward Ahern, J.B. Stevens, Stanton McCaffery, Julie McClement, Rob D. Smith, Robb T. White, Susan Cornford, Nils Gilbertson, Timothy Friend, Michael Mallory, & Madeline Weisbeck

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Interview with Robb T. White


Today, we get a chance to sit down and chat with author Robb T. White. We’ve been honored to publish several of Mr. White’s short stories in Thriller Magazine, and he is also the author of several novels, including his Thomas Haftmann Series. He’s a terrific author, and we were excited to ask him a few questions about his writing background and his works. You can learn more about Mr. White on his WEBSITE!

Author Robb White



Big Truck in the Garden

by Brian Beatty

Cale was sitting on the front porch of his crumbling farm house, plunking away on a banjo, when up pulled a pair of sheriff’s cars without their lights or sirens going.

“Lucky me!” Cale hooted. “This must be a social visit. Sorry I’m out of iced tea, boys.”

“Just looking into a missing persons lead,” said the taller, dumber-looking of the deputies.

“I’m right here,” Cale replied. “Been out here all afternoon. You can ask my neighbors.”

Interview with Cara Reinard


Though most aspiring authors will go through a phase of rejection when starting out their writing careers, very few will stick with it. Even fewer will be willing to go through ten years of rejections, three different literary agents, and four different manuscripts before finding their “match.” Cara Reinard, however, was willing to to through that process. After many years of writing, Cara’s debut novel, Sweet Water, is finally hitting bookshelves on January 1, 2021. Cara’s dedication has paid off because Sweet Water has already received thousands of positive reviews from readers and has cleared several bestseller lists on Amazon. We recently caught up with Cara on the eve of her novel’s release and were able to ask her some questions about her career and work.

Book Review: Stories and Places I Remember


Rating: 5 Stars

Stories and Places I Remember is available on AMAZON

Previously known for his thriller novels and short stories, author Joe Giordano now treats us to a terrific anthology. Stories and Places I Remember by Joe Giordano offers 25 short stories, each with its own twist. The stories start in Brooklyn but take the reader throughout the globe and into the viewpoints of many different characters.