Review of: “48 Hours to Kill” by Andrew Bourelle


Rating: 5/5 Stars

Now available through all major book retailers!

48 Hours to Kill by Andrew Bourelle

Whether it’s in his short fiction or longer works, Andrew Bourelle never disappoints, and 48 Hours to Kill is another winner. 

The story follows Ethan Lockhart, a man imprisoned for armed robbery. After his sister’s disappearance and death, Ethan receives a 48 hour furlough to attend her funeral. However, he is certain that his sister’s death was nothing short of murder. With the clock ticking on his furlough, he puts it on himself to track down her murderer and bring them to justice. 

The novel has everything you can hope for in a crime thriller: a great setting, a torn protagonist, and plenty of twists/turns. Ethan has to battle with his own personal demons, and the entire plot is largely representative of his character journey, something that I appreciate as a reader. 

Some may say that the thriller genre has been fully explored, but Bourelle brings a fresh voice and perspective in all his works. 48 Hours to Kill is a must-read for any fan of the genre, and Bourelle certainly has made me a fan.

48 Hours to Kill is now available for pre-order on AMAZON and will become available on December 7th!

*Note: This review was written by Ammar Habib, editor-in-chief of Thriller Magazine

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