Interview with Mark Nosler & Kolby Diaz


There’s a new comic in town that fans of darker thrillers need to get their hands on. Created by Mark Nosler and featuring Kolby Diaz (an author we’ve published several times in our magazine), Sin takes us into the world of Concepcion Corp as we follow along with Patient 223 on his quest for answers and liberation!

The series’s first issue, Sin: The Awakening, released just a few weeks ago. It has sold out of print copies for the moment, but digital copies are available HERE. You definitely want to grab a copy while you still can!

We recently caught up to Mark and Kolby and got the chance to ask them a few questions as they work on the second issue of the series!

Thank you both for agreeing to this interview. To get started, how did the two of you originally meet and decide to team up on this project?

Kolby: How we met is something we actually talk about often. We share a day job, and through a set of very particular circumstances, ended up crossing paths one day. That probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if you knew how massive our workplace is, you’d be applauding right now. I had brought the first volume of the Hellboy library editions to read on my downtime, and I think that gave me some comic street cred with Mark.

Mark: Haha. I saw Mike Mignola artwork, immediately walked over, and started chatting. After talking for a bit, Kolby mentioned he was writing a comic of his own. It was pretty much a done deal from there.

Mark, you mentioned that you’ve had the idea for this story for over 10 years. How did the idea begin, and what motivated you to finally put it down on paper?

Mark: Ever since I can remember I was always making little comics as a kid. All throughout school I was constantly trying to design my own character that I could make a future career with. SIN was always the name of that character. In 2015, I attended the Creative Juice Expo in L.A. and met a bunch of influential artists and realized I needed to put one hundred percent of my energy into designing the world and story around SIN.

Mark Nosler

Kolby, what attracted you to the project, and how was your experience working on the comic?

Kolby: I’m a prose writer, but my genesis was comics. As a kid, I wanted to have a career like Frank Miller where I wrote and drew my own comics, but unfortunately, I’m not as talented of an artist as I am a writer. Haha. Before SIN, I had been writing my own novel and some short stories, but I had a major comic itch that needed scratching. Mark and I basically had the same creative influences, and when we worked together, our minds were comically (pun possibly intended) in sync. Plus, when he gave me the amazing pitch for the story, I couldn’t resist getting my hands on it. One plus one equals three when it comes to comic collaborations, and that couldn’t be truer than with SIN.

The comic book industry has been criticized for its lack of originality in recent years; however, Sin comes across as unique not just in story, but also in its art style and character designs. What were the inspirations behind the style of art?

Mark: I always wanted to see a comic with chibi proportions like the super deformed Godzilla figures from Japan but with the linework and rendering style of a ‘90s Image comic, topped off with a color palette from a survival horror game like Silent Hill or Resident Evil. I think the rule of three is key in developing a somewhat unique art style. And most importantly, the interior pages needed to look just as good as the cover.

Creators often weave in some of their own experiences and worldviews into their work. Mark, although this comic is a fantasy, how much of your own self did you put into the characters or story of Sin?

Mark: I mean Patient 223 is me. February 23rd is my birthday. A lot of the story is looking at my life through a sci-fi/horror lens. I think it is healthier for me to use the comic as an outlet for my issues and world views. But it will all be buried in fun action, cool visuals, and structured story.

Kolby Diaz

Print copies of the first issue sold out within days (congratulations on that)! How do you feel right now following such a great reception for Sin’s debut issue?

Mark: We did a small run because we didn’t know how well we would do and we didn’t want to be sitting on a ton of stock. But it turned out great! We have a bunch of really cool people getting in on the ground floor of this project. The only thing I feel now is that I want to make issue two even bigger and better.

What can the readers expect following the first issue? Will we be learning more about the world of Concepcion Corp. or our protagonist, Patient 223?

Mark: All of the above. We are going to explore different sections of Concepcion Corp and more importantly, who the higher-ups are. We are going to follow the creature that has now been unleashed upon Rev City and the repercussions of that event. And I don’t want to give too much away, but we will definitely be following patient 223 again…it just might not be in our world.

Kolby: Oh yes, so much more to share. Mum’s the word, but things only get more insane from issue one. Haha.

We appreciate your time today. To end, is there anything either of you guys would like to say to your fans?

Mark: Thank you to everyone who has supported the project so far by picking up a physical copy or digital copy. It means the world. You can follow me on Instagram @marknosler for updates on the project.

Kolby: Ditto! Thank you so much to everyone who supported SIN. A lot of hard work went into this issue, and we’re moving full speed ahead on issues two and three right now. I post updates for the project on my Instagram as well, @Kolbarama90, and I also post micro-fiction stories.

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