Interview with Mike Esola


Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Mike Esola, a published author and the founder/editor-in-chief of Prehistoric Magazine.We appreciate Mike taking the time to talk with us. Prehistoric Magazine is a free online publication released three times per year. Subscribers receive the magazine in the months of April, August, and December. You can sign up to receive the free issues at

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Thriller Magazine: Tell us a little about Prehistoric Magazine. How did it get started and what was the original intent behind it?

Prehistoric Magazine was started back in 2015 with the goal of creating a publication to inspire people to learn more about the earth’s prehistoric past. The goal was to also build up a readership base for paleo-artists, sci-fi artists, and authors in this space to market and advertise their work.

TM: What are some things you’ve learned since founding Prehistoric Magazine?

I have been writing novels for over ten years, but running even a small publication can be a full time job. From writing articles, to editing articles, and guiding the artwork, it is very time consuming. But the final product is always worth the effort.

Prehistoric Mag

TM: Looking towards your own novels, what inspired you to write creature adventures?

I have always aimed to write creature novels. I call them “prehistoric thrillers”. My goal since the start is to have a book turned into a movie. So every time I write I am always aiming to write the type of book I’d like to see as a movie. I always picture a family of four entering a movie theater with sodas and a big tub of popcorn about to watch my book up on the big screen. I always aim to write a movie on paper.

TM: Now as an experience editor and writer, what sort of advice would you give am aspiring author?

You must find a way to write a page or two a day and stay at it. Remember to not give up and stay persistent. Most importantly finish your manuscript.

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