Non-Spoiler Review for THE MOMENT BETWEEN


Rating: 5/5 STARS

Now available on AMAZON

When many accomplished authors look back at their careers, they often have regrets about their debut novel. Some even question how they received a publishing deal for that novel in the first place. However, when Mr. Gareth Frank looks back at his career years from now, he will not have any regrets about his debut novel, The Moment Between.

This book is not a textbook suspense thriller novel; instead, it is more of a cross-genre work. Following the story of Hackett Metzger, a brilliant neurologist who lost his wife 4 years prior to the start of the story, this novel deals with the concepts of grief, love, and the afterlife.


There is a lot to love about The Moment Between. One of the main things is a protagonist. When writing a character of any profession, especially a medical profession, it is often difficult to capture the essence of the job when the author themselves are not a part of that profession. However, Frank does so marvelously. Dr. Metzger comes across as very “real” and seems like an actual neurologist.

The book is close to 300 pages long, but the pacing is quite fast, and the plot keeps the reader on their toes with plenty of twists and turns. Frank has an authentic talent for weaving together character and narrative, combining the two elements to create a compelling read. Even with the engaging plot, the story never forgets that it is truly a character-driven tale of one man’s quest for answers as he tries to overcome his grief.

The Moment Between is the definition of a page-turner, and Gareth Franks is an author readers should be on the lookout for. This work is undoubtedly the first of many great novels that we can expect from this author.

Thank you to the author, Gareth Frank, for giving us a review copy of his novel. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for our interview with Gareth, and don’t forget to check out his novel on AMAZON


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