Interview with Author Rebecca Kolodziej


Today we are interviewing author Rebecca Kolodziej! Based out of the United Kingdom, Rebecca mainly writes in the Horror/Thriller genre. She began her career as an author in 2015 and has since been published in numerous magazines/journals and anthologies. You can learn more about her through her author website HERE


1. Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Rebecca! What attracted you to the horror genre and what do you think makes the genre have such a loyal following?

Hi! It’s my pleasure! I’ve always been attracted to the horror genre since I was a child. Growing up I was introduced to horror films at a young age due to my mother being a horror fan. My first ever memory of watching a horror film is the 1953 War of the Worlds, being so terrified that I literally hid behind my grandmother’s chair.

I’ve always been an abnormal child. Attracted to ghouls, vampires, monsters, werewolves and zombies! Halloween was always my favorite holiday. Dressing up and going trick or treating was my Christmas! I think that’s why I love the horror community so much. It’s a very accepting community. Growing up I felt like an outsider or a freak, so when I grew up and discovered horror movies for my own I instantly felt a connection. I mean all the monsters are scary and horrifying, and yet they’re so human in ways you can’t help but connect with.

I think this is why the horror community has such a loyal following. It’s not fake. It’s a place where people can share their love and passion without getting judged! It’s a place to explore the natural through the unnatural.

2. You first short story every published was called “The Subway”. What made you decide to try getting that piece published and what was your experience with submitting it?

When I wrote ‘The Subway’ it was completely on a whim! It was my first ever serious piece. It was inspired by one of my all-time favorite game, Silent Hill 3.
It was in that moment that I realized how much I actually loved writing and considered doing it professionally. Even though I’m still an indie writer I’m very lucky to have been published where I have been. Many writers don’t get published at all so I am super thankful to Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine for giving me my first taste of ink on paper.

I remember reading my work back and thinking ‘Hey, you know what, maybe I should give this a shot and see if someone would be willing to accept it.’ I was terrified as I had no experience when it came to submitting manuscripts and files, it was all very overwhelming at first.

I submitted ‘The Subway’ to every Horror magazine that I could find. It had a lot of rejections at first. It was deflating to see something that I poured my heart and soul into get rejected but that’s the nature of writing. Our work is not always going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. You just need to keep trying, submitting and not giving up because eventually one of those no’s will turn into a yes!

It was a fairly easy process submitting my piece. I followed the instructions on the website for formatting my manuscript. You have to make sure that you nail that format or you’re gonna get rejections even if you’re the next Stephen King, so double check with the guidelines before submitting. Some magazines request a lot more titivating than others but my experience was fairly simple, I’d say.

3. You’ve been published in both magazines and anthologies. Do you find that getting published in anthologies is harder than getting published in magazines or vice versa?

Good question. I actually think that getting published in magazines is a lot harder than getting published in an anthology. Reason being anthologies usually have a theme and are pretty more lenient when it comes to accepting fiction. That’s not to say that it’s easy because it’s far from it. Just like a magazine you have to follow the guidelines to make sure your manuscript is up to scratch or it could cost you your shot!

I personally have found it easier submitting to anthologies than magazines. Magazines are looking for really gripping pieces that are original and different so you have to tailor your piece to what that magazine wants, without having a seeded idea.

4. Are there any of your works either published or forthcoming that you are particularly proud of?

I have to say that I’m proud of all my works but ‘The Subway’ will always hold a special place in my heart with it being my first published story in a magazine. I’m also very proud of being featured in Hellbound books all female horror anthology ‘Graveyard Girls’ to which my story ‘Demons Opus’ features. That story I am very proud of as I feel it flows very well. I’m so honoured that hellbound books accepted my piece for the anthology and I hope to have many more stories accepted in the future.

As in regards to any forthcoming works I have started delving into the world of reviews. I currently write for 3 horror magazines on the web, POPCORN HORROR, DECAY MAG AND NIGHTMARE NEWS! I have been away from writing for a while but I am back again and have a bunch of fun things planned. With Halloween around the corner I have so many ideas for horror goodies!

Over at Popcorn Horror I have A LOT of reviews up for indie horror films that I have watched and discovered. Right now I’m currently doing a re-read of R.L.Stine’s Goosebumps, so that’s going to be fun! On twitter I’ll be running poles for which book in the series I should read and review. I love getting my followers input!

I also have a column in Popcorn Horror’s digital magazine called ‘Charnel Chatter: picking at the bones of horror with Rebecca Kolodziej’ to which I interview indie horror directors, actors and the like. My last interview was with the awesome Homicidal Homemaker Kaci Hanson who has a horror themed cooking show on youtube! She was awesome! Every horror fan needs to check her out!

5. So where do you see your writing career taking you in the next 10 or 15 years?

I can’t really say where i’m going to be in the next 10 years as everything changes so dramatically over time. However, I would love to have my own horror novel published, perhaps a series of books.

I want to do more film reviews! I would love to write for Rue Morgue Magazine and Scream Magazine as I absolutely love their magazines! It’s a big dream of mine to get my work out there as much as possible. I would love to interview horror icons at events really explore the horror scene.

Who knows what’s around the corner! All that matters at the moment is the present and while I’m in it I’m going to bloody well enjoy it! But you know, if a job opportunity came my way from Rue Morgue or Bloody disgusting I wouldn’t say no!

Thank you for your time, Rebecca! Your advice about getting published is spot on and we are sure that you are experiencing just the beginnings of what will be a long and successful writing career!

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