Call for Submissions: Thriller Magazine

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We are excited to announce that Thriller Magazine is now accepting submissions for our 2nd issue until October 15th! We’re looking for great short stories, flash fiction, poetry, artwork, and some book reviews.

Here is the link to our site, where you can read more about us, our submission guidelines, and our full first issue:


We aim to publish different types of stories, plots, and styles in each issue. Our first issue had a ton of amazing works. From superhero adventures to western tales, from bloody murders and detective stories to the strange and bizarre, the issue possessed everything thriller readers love about the genre! We hope to showcase the same range in this upcoming issue.

We are proud of the variety of authors our first issue offered, which is something we hope to continue. One of the authors in their first issue, Andrew Bourelle, has co-written novels with James Patterson. Another author, Amy Grech, has had over 100 short stories published (impressive)! Along with those heavy hitters, we also featured some newer writers, so this is a great opportunity for any aspiring/rising author. Our goal is to release the 2nd issue in December!

Good luck!


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