Dealing with Negative Reviews


Negative/unfavorable reviews are a major part of any writer’s journey. Learning to deal with them in the correct way can definitely be the difference between quitting or having the tenacity to keep pushing forward. We recently polled a few authors on how they deal with negative reviews and this is some of the advice we got back:

  1. Keep it in perspective. No one review makes or breaks a story. If one person doesn’t like it, there are plenty who will. With a world population in the billions, there are bound to be people who love your work!
  2. Know the difference between a troll and a critic. Trolls are people who will blast your work with nothing but negative comments. However, a critic is a person who will mention what they liked, what they didn’t liked, and how they would have done it differently. Ignore the trolls, but take the time to read the critic’s review. You never know what you might learn.
  3. Be open to constructive criticism, but never let the negativity get to you. When four or five reviewers who aren’t related give you similar advice, there’s no harm in taking a good hard look at what they’re saying and deciding whether or not it needs to be applied.
  4. Never give up! Don’t let a negative review or two get you down. Don’t try to please anybody in your writing. Instead, be the best YOU possible!

This is some great advice that new writers can definitely learn from. Always keep moving upwards and onwards. Happy writing!

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