Meet our Editor-in-Chief: Ammar Habib


Today we are spotlighting our editor-in-chief, Ammar Habib! Ammar is a bestselling and award winning author based out of The Greater Houston Area. Ammar enjoys crafting stories that are entertaining and will stay with the reader for a long time. He holds several years of experience as an editor, both in the capacities as editing for magazines/journals and in the capacity of a freelance editor. Outside of his short stories, his published novels include The Dark Guardian Trilogy, Memories Of My Future, & Ana Rocha: Shadows of Justice.

Born in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1993, Ammar still currently resides in his hometown. Along with his career as an author, he created Thriller Magazine in the hopes of being able to help other authors get their start and grow their audience.

Ammar can be reached at You can also check out his words on AMAZON and GOODREADS!

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