Interview with Mike Houtz


We have the pleasure with again speaking with author Mike Houtz today! We interviewed Mike a few months ago on the eve of his debut novel’s release. The novel, Dark Spiral Down, is a military thriller, which has received high praise from readers. You can read more about the novel HERE.

Having first interviewed Mike before his novel’s release, it was great to now speak to him months after his release and get his perspective on being a newly published author. Mike also attended the annual ThrillerFest convention this past weekend after he was invited as a guest, and it was fun to hear about his experience at the event!


Interview with Author P. G. Sundling


Today we get the chance to sit down and talk with P. G. Sundling, the author of The Internet President: None of the Above (you can check out our 5-star review of his novel HERE). The novel, Sundling’s first to be published, has been met with quite a bit of commercial and critical success, and so we took the opportunity to ask about the process behind writing it. If you’d like to check out his novel, you can read more about it on AMAZON!

Non-Spoiler Review of The Internet President: None of the Above


Rating: 5/5 Stars

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Fact vs. Fiction. Separating the two, especially in today’s world seems to be harder than it used to be. Whenever you see a headline, you can’t help but wonder how much is real and how much is exaggerated or even completely fabricated. These themes are prevalent in P. G. Sundling’s newest novel, The Internet President: None of the Above.

Interview with Author Gareth J. Frank


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Gareth J. Frank, the author of The Moment Between (you can read our 5-Star review HERE). After reading and reviewing his novel, we had the privilege of speaking to him for a bit. Gareth is a prolific writer, and The Moment Between has received quite a bit of praise since its release. If you want to learn more about Gareth, you can check out his debut novel on AMAZON!


Non-Spoiler Review for THE MOMENT BETWEEN


Rating: 5/5 STARS

Now available on AMAZON

When many accomplished authors look back at their careers, they often have regrets about their debut novel. Some even question how they received a publishing deal for that novel in the first place. However, when Mr. Gareth Frank looks back at his career years from now, he will not have any regrets about his debut novel, The Moment Between.

Interview with Samuel W. Gailey


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Samuel W. Gailey, the acclaimed author of two novels, including The Guilt We Carry (you can read our 5-Star review HERE). After reading and reviewing his novel, we had the privilege of speaking to him for a bit. Samuel is a prolific writer, and all of his works have been met with a quite a bit of praise since their releases. If you want to learn more about Samuel, you can check out his WEBSITE or take a look at his books on AMAZON!





Read more about the novel on AMAZON and GOODREADS!

The thriller genre is often said to be over-saturated with veteran authors and new talents, making it a tall task to break into the genre and gain exposure. Finding a gem in the sea of novels can be difficult, but it is always worth it when you find a jewel such as Samuel W. Gailey’s The Guilt We Carry.

The Guilt We Carry

Interview with J. L. Delozier


Today we have the pleasure of speaking with J.L. Delozier. The author of 3 novels and several short stories, Ms. Delozier recently had her third novel, Blood Type X, published! This novel is the third installment of Delozier’s “Persephone Smith Series.” The first two novels of the series have received very positive feedback from readers, making this new novel highly anticipated. You can check it out on and on GOODREADS and AMAZON!


Interview with Joe Giordano


Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Joe Giordano, and accomplished author. Joe’s most popular works are the novels set in his Anthony Provati thriller series. The series’ second installment, Drone Strike, is set to be released on April 15. It has already received several raving reviews, and it is now up for pre-order. You can find the book on AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE.

For the next few days the e-book version of the novel is available at a discounted price of 99 cents, so definitely take advantage of that promotion if the story interests you. You can learn more about Joe and his other works on his WEBSITE.